Daily Archives: May 5, 2016

Doing my duty

I fulfilled my civic duty today and My first preference vote went to the ONLY candidate who took the time to call at my door and have a decent conversation with me.

As I was walking along to the school a very large heavyweight DUP Poster board was tied to a very low pole outside the local Church of Ireland. It was an obstruction and danger to pedestrians. In fact a much younger person who thought their needs were much more important than this here little old lady, almost pushed me into it. Had the board and I made contact, my poor face would be sporting a shiner (black eye) if not worse.

When I reached the school gate the DUP candidate threw a hand sideways at me to give me a flyer, all the while continuing his conversation with a buddy on his way to vote.

Since he did not have the manners to treat me with normal respect, I interrupted his conversation and asked him to step forward to show him the offending poster.

All smiles, he agreed with me that it was far too low and he would have it removed immediately.

My Senior Bus Pass was accepted ( still no sign of my now paid for driving licence) and I was given the voting paper with more names on it than beads on a rosary! I played my 1,2,3 etc., up and down the page and added my sheet to the polling box for what it is worth.

Needless to say, when I re-emerged into the sunshine (13°C this morning) the offending poster was still swinging there on the pole.

I wonder if it will still be there tomorrow?