A Meme

I found this finished list lurking in my ‘items to post’ folder. It must have been there at least a couple of weeks. There are several other items… begun, half finished or with just a title back there. So here we go…

My variation of Chuck’s Meme

Every answer must start with the first letter of your name. 

Name – Marie
Colour – Mustard
Career – Magistrate
Hobby – Macramé
Animal – Moose
Boys Name – Michael
Girls Name – Maxine
Drink – Margarita
Food – Monkfish
Fruit – Melon
Place – Madrid
Movie – Mission Impossible
Something you wear – Muffler
Something found in bathroom – Make-up
Reason to be late – Murdered

😆 I have not been murdered. I need to reinstate my blogging routine. I have missed the daily interaction with regular readers. Intentions are good but time is a killer right now.

Sewing alterations & repairs are my priority for today.

Over the weekend I ‘hope’ to find some time to complete a few unfinished posts for during the coming week.

12 thoughts on “A Meme

    1. Grannymar Post author

      E would be easy for me as My mother & three of my siblings have names beginning with E…
      I had a try:

      Your name
      Eventing (also known as horse trials)
      Edward Scissorhands
      I’ll leave the last one to you, I’d have to tempt fate!

              1. heretherebespiders

                Oh, I have zero superstition myself. I’m surrounded by electronics tho, hubby being IT and all! At least the furry brood leave them all alone. Well, except when he leaves his laptop open and they walk on his keyboard. Not much danger there for me other than my ears bleeding from the blue language he spouts!


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