Craft with my needle ~ Odds and sods of my yarn stash.


My favourite seat for several weeks (while building up my energy levels)  was in a comfortable armchair near the window for the light and surrounded by the largest crochet project for some time – a corner to corner shrug/blanket/Afghan. Worked in random yarns to use up all the odd skeins, half used balls and odd scraps of yarn lingering at the base of my stash.

Oddments of yarn

A sample of oddments

Most of the yarn I was using had come from leftovers of garments I have made, or yarn that was gifted to me from:

  • Brighid, in California
  • Brogen, to use in memory of her late mother Emma Sharma Hayes
  • Ello in Dublin.
  • Margaret, my now late friend who gifted me some of her stash when it became too difficult to knit.
C2C Blanket - Day 1

C2C Blanket – Day 1

So not alone was I reducing the yarn stash, I was actually creating a Memory Blanket that each time I looked at it or spread it across my knees, I re-lived the making or wearing of an item I had made with a particular yarn.

The people listed above were almost in the room with me as I added their colours and textures to my work.

The original idea was to leave it in the car for emergency use, but the colours were bright & cosy and I felt I wanted  to see it on a daily basis. It is large enough to cover the surface of my double bed. But it lives on the couch so I can snuggle under it for a rest, or pull it over my knees and feet to keep my extremities warn as I work on the next new project.

I do have enough for another C2C and will make one for the car in the autumn.

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My Memory Blanket surrounds me with warm hugs from all the friends who gifted me their yarn, each time I use it.

Many Thanks and love to all of you.

13 thoughts on “Craft with my needle ~ Odds and sods of my yarn stash.

    1. Grannymar Post author

      Kate, what a generous thought, and the case you made is a work of Art.

      I have donated or passed on my old traditional knitting needles, no more banging and bruising my upper arms with them. These days I am converted to KnitPro’s multi-coloured Symfonie interchangeable cable needles for tube and flat knitting. My project sits in my lap instead of weighing down my arms and they are warm to the touch… and they come in their own zipped bag. I have another zipped bag for all things crochet and KnitPro’s multi-coloured Symfonie double ended crochet needles are my new love –Two sizes on the one needle halves the bulk in my bag. I am beginning to sound like an advertisement! 😆

      My ‘chair nightmare’ is losing sewing needles, a problem magnified because I like fine needles. Elly came up with a wonderful idea for dropped pins and disappearing needles that solved my problem and when not in use they live on the side of my fridge!

      I seem to have an ever growing ‘To do’ list that includes recovering a sewing/ knitting box that in a previous life was a dusty old wooden beer bottle crate. It is the perfect height for a foot stool. I need to refresh the outer cover and linings with added pockets (At least the third time), The castors I put on it for easy movement are in good nick so that is a problem less! Once that is completed my ‘toyboy gigolo’ needle case will be replaced with a new one to hold pin cushion, pages of needles, sewing and safety pins, spools and thimble.

      Time, Time, time. Who stole all my time?

      You take care, good people are far too scarce!

  1. padmum

    What are you doing in Ireland…I need you near me to inspire me with all these ideas. By the way…I was doing a scarf for Madhuras friend. The main wool was 8 ply given to me by Rajam…the wool stash with me was 4 ply. So I used two strands of the thinner wool and it beautifully matched the thick red wool.

    I am in Pune to visit with Ramana. I have brought bits and pieces of wool to make squares. Rajam is going to join all the squares that our group knits. Will keep you in the colour and yarn.

    1. Grannymar Post author

      What am I doing in Ireland? 😆 I often ask myself that question. I was wondering how you were managing in the extreme heat lately? Enjoy your visit with Ramana, I hope he is keeping well.

      In the blanket above, I used a variety of weights and textures, one long row was completed using two strands of the same colour and in another row I worked two different weights and colours of crochet cotton together. My father had a great phrase: Every fault is a fashion!

    1. Grannymar Post author

      It became addictive as it grew… there were days when I almost forgot to eat.

  2. Al

    What an exquisite talent you have. This is absolutely stunning. I’m picturing myself taking a nap snuggled underneath its warmth and beauty.

  3. wisewebwoman

    I am in the middle of another afghan too so share your joy in the completion! What a gorgeous blanket, I love how you combine the colours!


    1. Grannymar Post author

      I was a little worried about all the different colours and how I would mix them. Then I was in a wonderful garden and looking closely, I realised how nature never seemed worried about where the colours were placed or if they blended!


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