Not quite yet a National Treasure but with many miles on the clock, Grannymar is more your vintage Roles Royce or Austin Princess.

Daughters – 1,

Son-in-Law – 1,

Siblings – 5,

Relations – millions,

Animals – none unless you count spiders!

Toy boys – Now that would be telling.

Likes: People, travel, food, wine, G&T, singing and laughter.

My kinda people are: caring, friendly, good mannered and have a good sense of humour.

Hates: Bad manners, loud music, ageing, aches & pains, having to take pills to keep me going.

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  2. Christy

    Hi Grannymar,

    I’m promoting a contest for a national home builder that is specifically for people 55 and older that I thought would be a good fit for your fans.

    The Greater Than My Age contest is for a new 55 plus community that’s opening in Broomfield, Colorado called Skyestone, by Taylor Morrison Homes.

    The contest is open to people who are over 55 and residing in the United States. To enter, contestants simply share a short paragraph about what makes them great, including hobbies, accomplishments (big and little), professions, past-times or whatever they feel makes them greater than their age.

    (section deleted by blog owner)

    Best regards,

    Christy Stevens

    1. Grannymar

      Hi Christy,

      I have edited your comment above.

      First off, I am not a resident of the United States of America and secondly my blog is not a platform for free business advertising.

  3. edmooneyphotography

    Hey there, Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog and the follow, hope you liked what you saw. You have a very interesting blog here and I look forward to seeing more from you, 🙂

  4. mewhoami

    I like your bio and I second your likes and dislikes. Also, you mentioned spiders and that caught my attention. We (primarily my husband) have several tarantulas. I’m going to jump over now and read a few of your posts. Glad to ‘meet’ you!

    1. Grannymar

      Welcome on board. The spiders invite themselves into my surroundings. I would prefer if they stayed outdoors! I will be by later on to visit Me – Who am I?

      1. mewhoami

        Ah, okay. I used to be the same way. Then, my husband’s fascination for them began to rub off on me. At least I’m not terrified of them anymore. Thank you!

    1. Grannymar

      Thank you Barbara, This one comes when I am about to pull in my blogging horns and reduce the number of days I produce a post. A couple of years ago I changed the rules on these awards, If there are questions, I answer them, link back to the gift-er, then leave it open to others to accept if they so wish.

    1. Grannymar

      How come I missed this. Thank you ME for the award, I am sorry not to have acknowledged sooner. Maybe it is because I know all about me and am not quite at the age to keep checking. 😉

  5. Clive Counihan

    Hi Grannymar, Just saw “my blog is not a platform for free business advertising” written in one of your posts above which is fair enough but could I ask you to have a look at my website http://www.drivewithclive.ie and get your opinion on how it looks especially the Blog! Criticism is welcomed and Id appreciate your feedback from your blogging experience! (Im new to Blogging!) 🙂
    Many Thanks in advance

  6. irmi

    Thank you very much, Grannymar, for liking my comment on Half in and Half out at Celi’s blog. – Can you tell me the way how one can “like” a comment at wordpress? I could not find it… And: Is there a deeper meaning in ‘Liking’ – besides being nice and friendly? Are there competitions for ‘liking’ a post or does Celi for instance get something for being ‘liked’ very often? I’ve heard that from FB, but what’s the merit? Is it honour, is it pride, is it money? Or does it maybe also mean an invitation to visit someones blog?

    As you see I do not know much of that things. I’m relatively new to the blogger world. Celi’s blog is the first one I comment, you know. And I myself do not run a blog nor a website. – Oh sorry for that many questions instead of introducing myself….

    It’s been a while now that I visited your blog, because I was curious about the person with that nice, humorous and sometimes funny comments at The Kitchen’s Garden. I can say, I enjoyed your blog very much, but was a little timid to comment then (back in May). As you I like crocheting very much, so your posts have been of great interest for me. Especially it was your blue scarf I fell in love with. I was searching the pattern everywhere in the web but didn’t find it until now. It seems to be easy but I don’t know how to do it anyway. Is there maybe a chance that you post it someday?

    I have to say a big thank you, too for your very useful hint with the knots for combining two threads. I already applied it in my last crochet work. You explained it so well in this little clip. My favourite crochet things or what I like best at the moment are the tiny white things with a 1.5 mm hook, like doilies and such. I’ve just restarted crocheting this spring as I am unemployed for quite a while now. I have not done it for years and oh, it’s so much fun. Unlike you I’m not participating in a crochet group, but it sounds nice…

    Oh, and I like very much your post (of June 8th) on Dublin’s wool shops now and back then, when you was a girl. You said it so well. It was kind of a little journey back in time you took me while reading. I thought and still think this would be a great article in one of Dublin’s newspapers. What do you think? It’s written very lively and your style is so nice. “How Craft Shops Changed”, part of your first sentence – wouldn’t that be a super headline for it? Why not sending it in to the editorial office of one of those papers? They can take it – or not. What’s lost? You’re talented in story telling, Grannymar!

    Oh, and I loved your stories of your little trips and excursions, especially that of your adventurous one at the “World Wide Knit in Public Day” (back in June 2013). So great. I loved it so much. – And as I see now I missed a lot on your blog because I haven’t been there since my first visits (too busy with Celi’s, hehe). I have to catch up a lot. You are such a busy person, full in, of and with life, that’s great. I love it. And your photographs are great!

    You see I had quite much to say, it’s become a letter more than a comment. Sorry if it’s too long, I hope you can deal with it. – I’ll be visiting now and then for sure. Thanks for all.


    P.S.: Hope my English is ok for you (no misunderstandings, my goodness) – I’m German, living in the south, in Munich, Bavaria. – And thank you for the nice new words that I came to know from your posts such as galavanting and salivating – I really love them. In my ears they transport so much…..

    1. Grannymar

      Irmi, I am away from home right now for the funeral of a life long friend. I will reply to your comment in a post, when life calms down a little. Hopefully it will be before the weekend. Thanks for commenting.

      1. irmi

        Oh, I’m sorry for that sad and last duty, you have to give to your friend. All my love and take care, Grannymar.

  7. wisewebwoman

    the older I get the more meds I’m taking and test strips and BP recording. I hate this part but I love everything else about aging.



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