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My answer to a comment….


Yesterday in my post A caller, one comment caught me:

“Much nicer than Islam… convert or die”

The one thing we on this earth, have in common, is that we are HUMAN.

Not all the same colour, Race or Creed. Temperaments vary as do our views.

Just like the fruit on the trees, sometimes the rosiest apple is rotten at the core while the bruised misshaped one can be the sweetest.

The church I was baptised into, claimed to be ‘the ONE holy Catholic Church’. We were brought up with the idea that the aim of the church was: To convert all the Heathens across the world who were not as fortunate as us. In primary/Junior school, we were constantly encouraged to bring in money for ‘the Black Babies’, read the Missions. Where that money went we have no record, we were never told, just asked for more.

Some so fortunate young children of ‘the ONE holy Catholic Church’ were raped, abused and or even allowed to die at the hands of Priests and nuns. before being secretly buried in unmarked graves.

Around the corner from where I grew up, was a St Mary’s Asylum laundry run by the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of Refuge. The Asylum laundry ceased operation in 1991 and when the Sisters decided to sell off some of the land, they applied to the Department of the Environment for permission to exhume the remains of 133 women from unmarked graves. In fact the remains of 154 women were eventually recovered, cremated and then re-interred at Glasnevin Cemetery. You can read about it here.


Just as in my example above about the so called religious who were part of the church I was a member of, there are some bad eggs among the followers of Allah, who at the hands of corrupt and twisted leaders, carry out atrocities’.

Even without mention of religion, politicians give permission for military interference in countries other than their own sending young men and now women to kill and maim. I am not taking sides, but just look at the results of Vietnam, Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Iraq x 2 and more recently Afghanistan. Each person killed was someone’s son/grandson/partner/family member! Flesh and blood possibly now in an unmarked grave like the innocents in the convent ground in High Park.

Then we have the young men acting alone who walk into a school or public gathering place and shoot those around before turning the gun on themselves. We saw it in Scotland and many times across the United States of America. There are bad apples all around us.

Do others see us by our actions as bad apples?

Rant over, time to smooth that chip on my shoulder. Have a good day!

Hello world


My blog should be back to normal by Morning. Thanks to everyone who offered helpful suggestions or aid to sort out the problem. It was a real beastie with redirects on all Posts.

A VERY BIG THANK YOU must go to Gerard McGarry for his time, patience, and Kung Fu skills to beat the nasties. He did it BIGTIME. I highly recommend his Kung Fu Technological problem solving skills and his humour is not bad either.

My new header is in Gerard’s honour. No. That is not his house, he lives next door! 😉

Phil & the Engineers at Blacknight played their part too.

To Elly, Donncha, Anders, and Darren, who were all ready to step up to the plate, I appreciate the offer of help.

May you’re new year ahead bring, food to your table, work that you enjoy and sunshine to lighten your hearts.

Lán grá


I got it!

I have been in the waiting room for the past few days. Yes. I was waiting for my copy of Letters for my Little Sister to pop through my door.

Letters for my Little Sister

Letters for my Little Sister

I knew it was on the way. Each day there was news from The Fellowship’ of the Farmy, that readers and contributors had received their books. They were actually holding a copy in their hot little hands.

I write as I speak. My contribution is my story, in my words. Simple words.

Mine was an instant response, I wanted to write it before I changed my mind. Once begun, my fingers would not stop. I wanted to share. To let other women know they were not alone, what was happening to them, had happened to other women. Just as there are no text book bodies, there are no text book/alarm clock menopauses. Each is unique, but there are similarities in the symptoms.

As I waited, I worried: Did I ramble rubbishingly with unnecessary detail? Then I consoled myself…


There are 68 contributions, no, strike that, there are SIXTY NINE contributions altogether. Number sixty nine comes in two parts – the opening and closing of this wonderful book. No better way to begin and end than with the words of Cecilia B W Gunther, the inspiration behind the project. A project to share personal stories about a hidden and sometimes forbidden topic: The Menopause.

Tales long and short in poetry and prose, from all corners of the globe, with just one aim: To help our sisters, cousins, aunts, nieces and granddaughters. This book will have you laughing one minute and close to tears in the next, so tissues at the ready….

Letters for my Little Sister is available on go check out the reviews, you know you want to.

Cecilia Buyswheeler Gunther, originally from New Zealand, is now married to an American living on the prairies of Illinois, USA. She spends her life writing and managing her own sustainable farm, She is the founder and writer/photographer for the blog The Kitchen’s Garden. We the contributors, are part of a band of regular readers who comment on the blog.

Now all I need to do is deliver the other copies to my little sister and to Elly, my daughter.


From Mrs Beeton’s Cookery and Household Management 1981 edition….

We are told on the flyleaf that it is ‘A totally revised, metricated and updated to bring it into line with the very latest developments in the cookery and Household management world’. How things have changed in the kitchen during the last thirty three years, never mind the one hundred and fifty three years since Isabella put her quill to parchment!

While searching for something else this morning I came across this entry in the household management section:


This means the cessation of the monthly periods, which normally happens any time between forty and fifty-five. Many women are frightened of the ‘change of life’, but there is no necessary reason why trouble should arise. If you are worried, go and talk to your doctor. You can be sure that the disturbances, which include hot flushes, insomnia, joint pains, increase in weight, and the general irritability, will pass: but in a number of cases the emotional upset is made worse by domestic strain or by loneliness. By the time of the menopause, children are likely to be leaving home and husbands are often absorbed to an increasing degree by the responsibilities of their occupation. In such circumstances it is sensible to try to find a new interest in life, or to resurrect an old one. Although hot flushes are unpleasant they go unnoticed by other people, and there is no reason to worry about how you look in company. As for sexual activity, the menopause need make no difference, except, obviously, that there is no longer the possibility of pregnancy.


There you go… ONE paragraph and it is all done and dusted! I actually wonder, how much of the above appeared when the good lady first published her Book of Household Management in 1861? I know it proved incorrect in relation to the ‘change of life’ in my case, but then I always claimed that I did not have a text book body.

The Book of Household Management (1861), comprising information for the Mistress, Housekeeper, Cook, Kitchen-Maid, Butler, Footman, Coachman, Valet, Upper and Under House-Maids, Lady’s-Maid, Maid-of-all-Work, Laundry-Maid, Nurse and Nurse-Maid, Monthly Wet and Sick Nurses, etc. etc.—also Sanitary, Medical, & Legal Memoranda: with a History of the Origin, Properties, and Uses of all Things Connected with Home Life and Comfort. – Wikipedia

I think we should leave dear Isabella to her rest these days and discover more practical and up to date information and advice from a new book about to be published in September.

Letters for my Little Sister – A Fellowship Book b— Cecilia Gunther

If the group name for zebras is a dazzle, let me see what I can do to dazzle you with the group names of the animals who are regularly roaming the 5***** farmy hotel at THEKITCHENSGARDEN.

The grist of our swarm, flock to peep over the five bar gate each day, braceing ourselves for the news of brooding hens, silent sheep, droving pigs (believe me, they go for a walk twice a day!), pouncing dogs, strutting peacocks and pea hens or visiting children clutching eggs laid by plump hens.

Drooling for a knob of fresh butter, cheese or yoghurt while waiting for the bread to rise to accompany the glories of the vegetable patch for supper each day all washed down by the home-made wine. We clutter and clowder for big servings of chowder, trying not to be a nuisance as we watch with Ton-ton and Boo, the dogs, as Daisy or Queenie provide milk for the tea, the churn and the animals.

Good Queen Celi rules over her clutch of chickens, kine of cows, kennel of dogs, muster of peacocks and peahens, flock of sheep, and pigs led by Shiela, always watchful for the odd snake in the grass.

When most of us are ready to collapse at the thought of all that work, Celi finds time to bottle and freeze food for the winter, make candles and soap, before sitting to document her day with photographs from the previous twenty four hours, on her blog for the fellowship of the farmy.

A few months ago she threw us a line. An idea. A suggestion for a book.

Letters for my Little Sister began as a real letter, that Cecilia Gunther was writing to her little sister. Their mother died when they were young, so they grew up with no one to lead them through the hurdles of life or to give them any very personal advice.

Celi was trying to help her sister navigate the journey of aging and menopause. She felt there were others out there in the farmy fellowship who daily offered support or advice, and since they came from all ages & corners of the globe, they would have a wide perspective from dealing with mothers, aunts, sisters and daughters, never mind their own experiences of the dreaded word ‘menopause’.

So a book was born sixty eight brave men and true women stepped up to the plate to share their experiences. The book includes essays, letters and poems all written to share this common experience that effects no two women the same way.

Drum Roll…..

Coming soon, from Sable Books, and Pre-orders are available.


A very short season, giving Cecilia a reason to share her wonderful philosophy on life, with a magical turn of phrase over at THEKITCHENSGARDEN!

Yesterday the air felt dense. Not hot and not cold, just full and thick. The clouds stayed low, heavy, old, bosomy. Like flat pillows. There was no wind and little sound…………

No matter how deep life throws her, she rises to the surface and swims above the storms on a cloud of positivity. Now, click on the link above, over you go and enjoy the experience!


The Healing Tree ~ Part 2

Long time regular readers will recall my series of weekly sculpture posts. I love sculpture and enjoy researching the results of the pieces I find on my walks and journeys through the year. For new readers, you may find these posts in the category drop down over in the sidebar, under Sculpture.

On Thursday last, I had a comment from Brian Connolly, a sculptor, whose work I have featured several times. His comment this time was addressed to Alice at My Wintersong, in relation to his piece The Healing Tree.

The Healing Tree

The Healing Tree

The Healing Tree.

Alice’s Comment:

That would look super in my garden. What do you s’pose they’d take for it? All kidding aside, art that makes you think about it and remember it has already accomplished. Who cares about utility.

Brian’s reply:

Alice I know you commented a long time ago, but your instinct is very close to the reality of the artwork’s development! The original idea was for a private garden and I had proposed to cast the family around a tree. The idea was too radical for the father and I did not get the commission at that time!…. but it did lead to this artwork for the Antrim Area Hospital!
Brian Connolly


Perhaps it is a timely reminder to lift the lid on the topic Sculpture once more. I like to take the photos myself, even though they may not be of as high a standard as Barbara, my niece at Day One or Ed Mooney at EdMooneyPhotography.

I do have two pieces in my camera, both taken on my last visit to Dublin at the beginning of February. My brother took me out for coffee to Kildare on a dreary dull day. The torrential rain obliged only long enough for me to take a few photos.

It has been a dark & miserable winter and I long for better weather and permission to get behind the wheel again to sally forth on my voyages of discovery.

The world bites back.

A night or two before I moved back to my old blogging home at I let off steam about my frustration with jumping hurdles to comment on various blogs. I was particularly vocal about Blogs on the Blogger platform. 

Karma has caught up on me.

WWW, wisewebwoman, a long standing visitor to my blog, and a friend that I have the bonus of meeting in real life, tells me that commenting, since the move, throws up a hurdle for her. WWW uses the Blogger platform.

I know that Mayo, finds it easier to leave a comment since my move, but he has no blog.

I am trying to sort out the problem, but wonder if any other regulars are finding it difficult to leave a comment?

If so, please let me know.

I am moving house

I am sitting here glass in hand drinking a quiet toast to the memory of my beloved Jack. Today 10th February would have been his ninety fourth birthday. We always marked the days in our own quiet way, and I still continue to do so. My Granny, the one you hear so much about was born one hundred and thirty years ago, yesterday. I include her in my celebration.

I have another reason to celebrate tonight. An ongoing project that my Toyboys were working on reached completion a few hours ago. It was not always easy, and I wondered at times if it would ever come to pass.

Back in the mists of time I entered the world of blogging. It was 2006 and I used the Blogger platform. It worked well at the beginning, but then formatting, placing photos etc., became a BP raiser. Time to change. I moved to privately hosted in 2007. I considered myself still to be a newbie, understanding little of what went on in the bowels of the blog. Back then I knew nothing of Headers, Plugins, Widgets and I thought a Jetpac was something worn by folk involved in the sport of Jet skis!

My old theme became dull and old fashioned, and I wanted a brighter and sleeker look. I was also having problems with posting so it was time for an update. The Toyboys looked at my back end and were horrified! It was ancient and obsolete.

Stop that sniggering back there, we are talking about my blog!

Much work needed doing, if the large number of posts were to be saved. I decided to vacate the premises and let them get on with the make over.

Thus began Grannymar(dot)wordpress(dot)com. I grew to like the theme and the easy way the back end worked. Perhaps age had mellowed me into watching what was going on back there and being more adventurous.

As I played, the Toyboys slogged on my behalf. Darren, Anto, James all played a part, but it was Phil who kept me up to speed with all that was going on. He taught me plenty along the way and sent me to sources that explained in my language what I wanted to achieve. Thank you Phil.

So now we are ready to unveil the all bright and shiny
From tomorrow February 11th visitors will be automatically taken to my new abode. You should not really notice much difference, or maybe I should play a game and ask how many differences you can find….