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Coming in Last


“I’ll tell you a true story,” he said. “A young man with disabilities wanted to win the 100-metre race. And he got into the finals. And he was running like crazy to get that gold medal, and somebody in the next lane tripped and fell. And he stopped, picked this guy up, and they ran together, and both of them were the last.

“That’s a true story,” Mr. Vanier confirmed. It’s the deepest lesson the disabled have to teach. “It’s not that they can become like us – but how can we become like them and have fun together. And lift up the chap who has fallen on the other lane, and come in last. There’s in us all an ego we have to conquer. You kill the ego so that the real person may rise up. And the real person is the one who’s learning to love.”

Jean Vanier created L’Arche – a unique community for mentally disabled adults

The full article is well worth reading. There are lessons for all of us in it.

With thanks to my pal in Newfoundland for directing me to this heart warming article.

25th Belfast Pride…

and I was there!

Thankfully the rain had the good manners to stay away and not turn us into drips.

This slideshow will give you a flavour of the nice side of Belfast. Happy people of all ages, colours, shapes and orientation proud to celebrate their being!

I even spied a few dogs sporting garlands or draped in rainbow colours.

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Now let us make marriage equality a reality for all, like the rest of the island of Ireland.