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I went to….

I went to Church the other evening.  It was very different to my previous visits.  Yes there was an organ, stained glass windows. and ‘Our Leader’ said a few words…

My visit has taught me humility!

Remember I was boastful about adding the photos from my phone to my laptop?  Well for my sins, I lost half of them this time. 🙁  The window above was the only survivor!

Formerly St Mary’s Church of Ireland, it was built at the beginning of the 18th century and an early example of a galleried church with a Renatus Harris built organ.  St Mary’s closed for worship in 1964.  Finally this ‘List 1’ building was purchased by John Keating it was extensively and sympathetically restored over a seven year period.  The present owners renamed it The Church and it is a must visit for any trip to Dublin.

So who was there before us…….  ( I don’t mean last week!)

Arthur Guinness founder of Guinness brewery was married there in 1761

Sean O’Casey playwright and author of ‘The Plough & The Stars’, ‘Juno & The Paycock’ and Shadow of a Gunman’ was baptised there in 1880.

John Wesley founder of the Methodist Church delivered his first Irish sermon there in 1747.

Handel‘s Messiah was first performed in Dublin in April 1742 and he regularly used the Renatus Harris built organ to practice!

Have you ever noticed how the voices in the next room always seem to be having more fun?  Of course, if you are having fun where you are, the voices in the next room never register.

I heard of a room full of fun about to happen in The Church in Dublin and I was determined to join in this time.  That Jason is a grand lad, it was all his idea:

“…. we decided to run another Blogger-Twitter-Whatever (BTW) meetup”.

The plan was to meet in the The Church Bar (Dublin) at 7pm on Thursday 29th July.  The friendly guys over at Blacknight sponsored some drinks and the venue The Church offered to top up the tab and provide free finger food.  It was delicious and disappeared faster than lightening!  Now add to that a great mix of people and it became a banquet of fun friendships and laughter – some at my expence!:lol:

I added faces to many names and met new people.  I talked, listened, laughed and I learned how to play with an iPad!  People gave me contact details on business cards, One guy apologised while handing me a sheet of paper.  Right in the centre of the page was what looked like a puzzle.  Elly who was hovering on the periphery, as she always does when I chat up the Toyboys, began to laugh out loud and said “Mum show Jamie your ‘southern mobile phone’.  Ever the good mother, I produced the phone and the whole circle of people burst out laughing’.

Why were they laughing at me?  Since my normal mobile phone is from the UK and while in the South the calls are charged at an international rate, I keep this old phone with a pay-as-you-go SIM card for all local calls and text messaging.

Jamie’s piece of paper had what looked like a chopped up and randomly pieced together bar code.  Bar codes I am familiar with.

All barcodes that start with
690.691.692 until 695 are all MADE IN CHINA.
471 is Made in Taiwan
00 – 13: are Made in USA & Canada
50: is made in United Kingdom
539: is made in Ireland
890: is made in India

BUT, and there was a big But; Jamie’s puzzle was a QR Code. It was the first I had come across and since I did not have a smartphone, I was unable to read the matrix barcode!  You see I might be good for a laugh… but I learned something on Thursday.

Thank you Jason for organising the BTW and Hi to all the guys and gals that I met!  I am already looking forward to the next one!

Bridge Building

Wise Web Woman should be packing her case in readiness for her forthcoming trip to Ireland.  She arrives in on 30th May and next day she will be up bright and early to take part in the Flora Ladies Mini Marathon in Dublin City.  Oh for the energy!   So, if you are going along to watch the Girls strut their stuff you need two placards, one with ‘Wise Web Woman on it and the other for Patricia Anglican!

Meanwhile procrastinating instead of packing, WWW is gazing at the award she received from Gossamer Woman.

Now I like the sound of that…. reaching out and building bridges!

In the true spirit of blogging she passed the baton on and shared some bloggy goodness to people who in her own words:-

I admire and who reach out across boundaries with their sparkling honesty and truth:

Her list of nominees are:

I think she made a mistake…. ’cause my name appears on that list among some wonderful people whose blogs I enjoy.  Thank you Wise Web Woman for the honour.

Sitting with thinking cap in place I scroll through my list of virtual friends to choose a half dozen deserving of this accolade…. It is so difficult as so many of you reach out and build bridges…

My choice this time are:-

Damien Mulley the father figure of blogging in Ireland, who shares time, information and link luv on a daily basis.  He is the brains behind the Irish Blog Awards and the Irish Web Awards, events that don’t just happen over night, but take months of planning and preparation to bring so many together for a fun filled evening in recognition of their peers.

Darragh Doyle alright so I am biased!  Darragh had the ‘Obama’ spirit long before we heard of Obama.  I sometimes wonder if he was born saying “Yes we can!  Yes I will!”  There are no doors in Darragh’s lexicon, if he wants to meet someone he walks right up there and says hello.  He meets people.  He introduces people and most of all he enjoys sharing people with all of us through his blog.

Lily’s Blog makes a refreshing read on a wide variety of topics and it is difficult to believe it only arrived on the scene in the last twelve months.  Lily, a busy wife & mother to the Collison Clan was the last member of the family to join the blogging world.  The boys keep her on her toes baking, blogging, twittering and following their escapades across the globe.

From the Magpie’s nest proves that nagging works. 🙄  Magpie11 has been a regular visitor here for a long time now, and from his observations and comments I felt he had what it took to feed a blog of his own.  Thankfully for once I was listened to and proved correct.  I particularly enjoy his cookery hints they are always tasty and tempting.

Stretching my long arms wide I will pick one blog from and easterly direction and one from the west to comple my half dozen.

Ramana’s Musings reach us all the way from Pune in India.  Ramana is an avid reader of everything from heavy tomes to the frivilous fripperance of Grannymar.  His blogroll stretches across the globe and he acknowledges every comment that he receives.  He has brought many visitors here to join in the fun and I have discovered many new blogs.

Leveraged Intelligence with Conrad (who hails from Kansas and now lives in California) at the helm is a fun place to play.  He introduces the subject and we are all invited to join the conversation, at times the visitors take over and Conrad can hardly get a look in.

Now it is your turn… go reach out and build six bridges!


I like Coffee!

Coffee is not just a drink.

I like iced coffee and Coffee Helps & the Coffee Maker.  They are people.  They are Bloggers & Twitterers that I have met in real life.

iced coffee takes great photos.  The Coffee Maker makes great coffee & Coffee Helps tells great stories of her travels around Europe.

Hailey from Coffee Helps is home in Norn Iron for a couple of weeks and I was anxious to catch up for a real live chat.  The word soon spread, and on Thursday evening Hails, D@\/e, Nelly, Hannah, Ed Hillan and I gathered for coffee and a good old chat.  Topics covered cats, dogs, chickens, a nasty fox and a clarinet.  Mother’s, mothers-in-law and prospective unions were in the ring too.  We touched travel, troubles, politics and blogging, the craic was mighty and the laughter rang from the rafters.  A very enjoyable evening indeed.

Now when is the next one….

Belfast Flickr Group are meeting at noon and The Waterfront Hall is in our sights today.

I might be missing for some time.

How about a coffee…

Back in December on that dreaded Facebook I received an invitation.

‘How about a coffee & a mince pie before Christmas?’  The request came from a Toyboy!       Now you all know me by now, I never want to miss the chance to meet up with a fellow blogger.  Calendars were cleared and arrangements made, and that is how I met D@\/e. It was interesting to meet another Norn Iron blogger and learn about the world from his perspective.

Dave brought his wife (a non blogger) and we chatted easily.  In fact we talked so long that we worried rent for the table & chairs might be added to the bill ❗

Before we parted we decided on a return match and I suggested we try somewhere with softer seats, and so we settled on the Comfort Inn at Antrim for our return meet-up during the final days of the Christmas season.  As I waited for Dave to arrive I watched the the dismantling of the Christmas tree from the foyer.

Again we drank coffee and chatted and the idea of an open blogger meet-up was bandied about. Where and when to have it, how to advertise it etc. were all thoughts discussed.  Since we were rather comfortable where we were sitting, that solved one problem, next up was the date, time and to let people know.

So the plan is:

To meet for a coffee, and or a meal with plenty of chat (you are welcome to try all three!) here:

The Comfort Inn, 20 Dunsilly Road, Antrim

13 February 2009 at 19:00

Dave has all the info on Facebook and I see that Nelly, Hannah & Ciaran have their names down already.  Phil is hoping to coax Davy to load up his bus with the Belfast gang… sure you know you don’t want to miss it!

Any southern bloggers in our neck of the woods that evening?  You would be very welcome.

Let’s say “Hi!

With apologies to Ross Parker the author of ‘We’ll Meet Again’ a favourite tune for the Forces Sweetheart from WW11 – Dame Vera Lynn

Let’s say “Hi” with a smile, dear.
To chat a while, dear, we must start.
Don’t let that starting upset you,
I’ll not forget you, sweethearts.

We’ll meet I hope, I know where, make it fast, I want to meet together quite soon in Cork

Keep blogging through, just like you always do, ‘till the Blog Awards drive the dark clouds far from Cork.

So will you please say “Hello” If your folks I don’t know tell me I won’t be wrong?
You’ll be happy to know that I so want to go, I am singing this song.
We’ll meet at last, I know where, make it fast, I want to meet quite soon way down in Cork

With the 2009 Irish Blog Awards almost upon us, a simple Meme is just the thing.

That whipper-snapper Rick O’Shea started it. I would link to him if I could see his blog 🙄

This Meme is simple.

Name 5 bloggers you haven’t met in the flesh before that you’d like to say hi to at the Blog Awards, say why if you want, link to them. They then, in turn, link to 5 bloggers they’d like to meet and so on.

That’s it. It’s just an icebreaker for the night. Yes, I know they might not be coming but it might act as an incentive.

I’d like to meet:

Holy ShmolyDonncha has always been willing to offer help and encouragement, no matter how silly my question. His camera eye fascinates me.

Trust Tommy – A 14 year old Toyboy! Need I say more? 🙄

Paddyanglican – who will be freshly returned from singing with the Corrigan Brothers, representing Moneygall and Ireland at the Grand Festivities in honour of new President Barak Obama near the White House. Well you never know he might bring me up to date on all the background gossip. 😉

Caricatures Ireland – Irish caricaturist Allan Cavanagh whose caricatures are witty and innovative and I would love to sit, talk and discover how he decides who is a good subject and perhaps sit for him sometime. We might discover the real Grannymar! 🙄

Ian Poulton – A long time commenter whose life in Ministry has straddled both sides of this island. Regularly Ian writes posts that are thought provoking and at times they make me uncomfortable in the best meaning of the word.

I hear you….  Yes I did pick five toyboys… I have my reputation to think about 🙄

We girls are more organised; and since we learned from last year how much fun it was to meet up in advance of the main event, we are once again, thanks to Sabrina Dent, having a Ladies Tea Party on the afternoon of 21st Feb in Cork.

Well then, to keep you happy:

Reluctant Memsahib – Realistically it may not happen this time since Anthea lives in Tanzania with her husband and children. She moved from a farm within easy striking distance of one of the country’s busiest cities leaving all the things we women take for granted, such as day school for the children, regular appointments with a hairdresser and lunches with friends. Home now is an Outpost, a place once famous as brief home to Dr Livingstone and Henry Morton Stanley; her older children have had to be bundled off to boarding school a 12 hour drive away. To while away the hours she writes, walks & teaches her youngest at home & keeps in touch with the outside world by phone. Her life is so different to mine and sounds like something I have only known from the pages of a book

OK I don’t hold a grudge, so I will link to yer man.. What’s his name? Oh yeah, Rick somebody