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The world bites back.

A night or two before I moved back to my old blogging home at Grannymar.com I let off steam about my frustration with jumping hurdles to comment on various blogs. I was particularly vocal about Blogs on the Blogger platform. 

Karma has caught up on me.

WWW, wisewebwoman, a long standing visitor to my blog, and a friend that I have the bonus of meeting in real life, tells me that commenting, since the move, throws up a hurdle for her. WWW uses the Blogger platform.

I know that Mayo, finds it easier to leave a comment since my move, but he has no blog.

I am trying to sort out the problem, but wonder if any other regulars are finding it difficult to leave a comment?

If so, please let me know.


I have made a decision!

Blogs that are of the ‘Blogger’ family, I will read, but no longer attempt to post a comment.


I hate the way the powers that be make commenting so unfriendly and almost want to know what I had for breakfast before they allow me to add my pathetic tuppence worth. I gave up jumping hurdles yonks ago. Life is too short!

Call me crabby if you wish, but I have had enough.

UPDATE: Blogger Blogs with the  Name/URL option for comments, work for me without hassle. If you provide that option, I’ll be back!