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Playing with yarn

My yarn stash never seems to recede and I keep seeing exciting new varieties in the shops but being the good girl that I am, I refuse to purchase any more until I used at least half of what I have!

I had an idea ūüí°

Extreme knitting

Extreme knitting


Back in March I had the opportunity to try extreme knitting Рusing several strands of bulky yarn and very large needles. Naturally I wanted to give it a try myself but needed to find a way without using long needles.

I've got the hang of it

I’ve got the hang of it

These needles were not for me, I would end up bruising myself so I finally found a solution!

My KnitPro cable needles.

interchangable needles

interchangable needlesK

Once I had that sorted in my head it was a matter of choosing the yarn. ¬†There were oddments of ‘hairy’ and ‘knobbely’ yarns begging to be used ¬†so sorting through them I chose eight and rolled them into one large ball. I repeated the exercise several times more using different colourways.

eight strands per ball

eight strands per ball

New knitting project

New knitting project

This is where I am at the moment. really relaxing and it saves my sanity when My eye objects to any more reading.

What will it be? Who knows. A cushion cover perhaps, a knee rug or even a back warmer! I’ll let you know when I finish the yarn!

It was a very good day!

At 06:30 I was making a cake, well actually two cakes.

While they¬†baked, I showered and made myself beautiful prepared for the day. ¬†As I finished breakfast, the phone calls began… at one stage there¬†were toyboys on the landline, the mobile and on Skype all vying¬†for my attention. Don’t tell them. I didn’t. ¬†You know they all think they hold the number one spot!

My date for morning coffee had to be posponed until today (Wednesday), so one of the cakes will be grand to bring with me and extend the party.

The skies cleared and the sun danced in my honour. The Postie serenaded me on the doorstep and the window cleaner brightened my world even more. A day not to be wasted, so I headed out in search of fun,

Carrickfergus Harbour

Carrickfergus Harbour

Look how smooth the water was.

I found a Toyboy

I found a Toyboy

I found a Toyboy

Brendan was on holiday from the US¬†with his mum and aunt. I met them at the Castle taking photos… you know the routine

“I’ll take one of you two, then you can take one of us and….!”

I approached and asked “Would you like one of…..

A chorus of “Oh yes please!”, came back before I finished the sentence, and I was handed an iPad.

I took several at different angles to make sure they had a worthwhile selection.

Job done, I asked for payment…

Well it was my birthday and a photo with a Toyboy was not much to ask, was it? I handed over my smart phone and Brendan’s mum took the photos, then followed hugs and another rendition of Happy Birthday. They were next headed for Ballycastle and invited me to join them. I had to decline the invitation, so we said farewell and I headed off for my walk along the promenade.

I had not gone too far when there was loud tooting of a car horn. Turning round I saw my new found friends driving along Marine Highway with arms outstreched from every window  of their car, singing Happy Birthday to me!

The remainder of the day can be found in the slide show.


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Barbara, I was just about to light the candle on my cake when the phone rang, it was your dad. Growing up we always shared our birthdays, his being two days before mine, so he sang Happy Birthday as I blew out the candle!

For all my knitting friends, I found the extreme knitting at Parlour Yarns, Carrickfergus,they do have a Facebook Page. The piece was sitting in a basket with an invitation to knit a few stitches, a row or half the rug! It was very heavy, the yarn was carpet wool in four colours with two strands of each colour. You would need a tub of good hand cream to sooth the fingers after working on it for any length of time. I once used carpet thrums to make a 10 ft X 6 ft Mister Men rug for my kitchen floor. It was back in the day when I had a little doll to play with Рthen she grew up and ran away for her own adventure!!!!! I do love you Elly, REALLY!

In all I had a very good day.  Thank you to all who played any part in my celebration, with calls, texts, postings, cards and song singing.

You all rock.


UPDATE: What a difference a day makes:

The Sky has a hangover today

The Sky has a hangover today

We are back to whistling winds and driving rain. Did yesterday really happen? Was I dreaming?