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No. I am not lost!

Contrary to speculation, I have not evaporated from the face of the earth (yet), or run away with a soldier, I am just having fun. Fun. FUN!

Sunday: I was dumped, but it became a Pink day.* 

Monday: Buffy learned how to use my sewing machine, then it was time for a long rest in preparation for the busy stuff….

Tuesday: A little retail therapy, finding little gems of shops, all noted for further investigation.

Wednesday: It was Ladies Day – Lunching, driving, talking, walking, visiting and even more eating, all interspersed with great big helpings of laughter, hugs and doggy licks. Three dogs in total.

Thursday: Today it will be the turn of not one but two Grannymar Toyboys! There is no point in doing things by halves. No. I will not tell you what we plan to do. It might be a looooooooong day!

Friday: Goodness knows what I’ll get up to tomorrow! 😉 😉

Saturday: I’ll try very hard not to get thrown off a Bridge!

It might well be next week before I have time to sit down, draw breath and catch up with all my blog reading and commenting.

Here is a little of the Pink to keep you going.


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All the bicycles (over 1,000) brought to the recycling centre over several months, were gathered, cleaned up and painted pink. There is another tree like the one above, adorning a roundabout/rotary elsewhere in the Borough and umpteen placed on streets, outside or inside shops to celebrate the Giro d’Italia‘s first visit to Northern Ireland.

Years ago, before recycling became the norm and a’ money for rubbish’ income for all city and borough councils, we took our rubbish, non bin-able, to the local dump. Renamed, upgraded and money making, they are busy working hubs providing employment and cutting down on lazy dumping across the countryside.


A Pink weekend.


Non Starter

Non Starter


The world’s second-largest bike race, the Giro d’Italia, is is an annual stage race bicycle race primarily held in Italy, while also occasionally passing through nearby countries.

The Grande Partenza or ‘Big Start’ of the Giro d’Italia  began yesterday in Belfast. It will continue today and cover some 219 km of our most beautiful country side.  The route from Belfast will be inland to the Giant’s Causeway and from there it will follow the coast line all the way back to Belfast.

Giro route Day 2

Giro route Day 2


The whole of the Province has turned Pink. Belfast City Hall was glowing in Pink last night. There is bunting (the nice kind) everywhere and our local optician, not on the route, has a pink bicycle frame in the window!

Stage 3 tomorrow begins in Armagh, with stops in Richhill & Newtownhamilton before crossing  the now non existent border and on to Dublin. 187kms.

Day 3 Armagh to Dublin

Day 3 Armagh to Dublin

Boy am I glad not to be in the saddle, I might end up like this……

Not on course or in the Pink

Not on course or in the Pink


And not on course or in the Pink! 😉