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Photographing the Alphabet ~ E (Part Two)

E + Egg.

I know. I know. I covered the letter E a couple of weeks ago, but, but……

I found an egg!

Yes. I found an egg when I was down in Dublin. Mind you it would have been difficult to miss it.

2.4 m ( 7ft 10 inches) high.
880kg ( (1940 lbs) in weight.

That means it was as heavy as 7.6 baby elephants (average elephant calf weighs 115kg). Or more than 15 full grown pot belly pigs (125 lbs each).

Or to put it in more manageable figures:

17,600  BARS OF CHOCOLATE! (50g each)

It was behind protective glass, so not so easy for me to capture.

To date it is the Largest chocolate egg ever created in Ireland and made entirely of milk chocolate. The egg was crafted by Lily O’ Brien’s in celebration of their title sponsorship of The Big Egg Hunt in Aid of Jack & Jill.

The Egg was decorated with white chocolate lilies, decorative leaves and jewels by Charlotte Marrifield.

This egg was not hard to find. Pity it was on my last morning in Dublin or I would have had fun for a few more days….

It was all part of ‘The Big Egg Hunt 2013’ an interactive public art display where 100 exquisite and uniquely crafted eggs designed by leading artists and celebrities took to the streets of Dublin. The Eggs were placed in key locations of the city from the 12th February to the 15th March before they were brought to one central location at CHQ building (IFSC, Docklands, Dublin 1) and displayed for one week.

During the initial period the general public were invited to take part in Ireland’s biggest Egg hunt and an online auction for the Eggs.

Supporting The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation

The event will culminate in a Gala Black Tie Ball at the Four Seasons Hotel Dublin Tonight 23rd March where the top 30 Eggs will be auctioned live. This event will bring old and new together by uniting the tradition of the egg hunt with cutting edge technology and beautiful art, which will be a first for engaging mass participation in this way and on this scale.

The main point of the whole endeavour is to raise awareness of & funds for the wonderful work of The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation and the 300 babies nationwide currently under their wing.

You can see the amazing eggs here best to view them as a slide show.