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When I was Young Part 2

No. Not me this time, but another LBC member’s post worth sharing.

For the second time today, I draw your attention to a blogger friend that I met, had a drink with and danced around the room. This was followed up a few days later when we shared another wonderful day together.

I won’t spoil it, just click on the link above and read a real Christmas story – AND – You can be part of it!


Retribution is something given or demanded in repayment, especially punishment.

The anger that causes us to seek retribution can so quickly become a cancer of bitterness.

If we dispense or exact punishment from someone for doing something we consider wrong, are we not as diseased as we assume them to be?

The topic Retribution was brought to the LBC table this week at the suggestion of  Maria/Gaelikaa, for our consideration. I look forward to reading what she has to say on the subject!

My greatest fear

Fear of what?

  1. Going grey – Half way there already.
  2. Wrinkles – I prefer to call them my character lines.
  3. Putting on weight – With a body mass index of 21.31, I have no need to worry about weight.
  4. The dark – Living on the edge of a small town, I am surrounded by light of some degree 24/7.
  5. Spiders – I am way bigger than them so no need to worry.
  6. Mice – See answer to no 5.
  7. Falling – Why worry, I have little left to bruise or break.
  8. Dying – Why fear it, we are all going the same journey, at different speeds or modes of transfer.
  9. Death – When it happens, I will know nothing about it.

So, no I have no fear, great or small.

What about you?

I wonder what Delores, at Life on a limb had in mind when she chose the topic My greatest fear for us to chew on. We have reduced the LBC list (in the side bar) to those who are writing with us on a regular basis. As others return, I will add them to the list.

Wait one minute…!

You don’t mean…….

You don’t really mean to tell me…..

That all the LBC members took me seriously and did what I asked?

Well, I suppose I better do the rounds to see what they waited one minute to tell me!

What have I to say about waiting a minute… It is what I will be doing for the next few weeks, since driving is off limits and once I go home, transport will be by bus.

Now where did I put that time table?

Can men cook daily meals?


I was once told that anyone who could read, could cook!

OK, if they follow the steps in the recipe they should be able to produce a decent meal, but it takes time and experience to learn about texture, taste, aroma and presentation!

I have male friends who confide that their wives will not allow them in their kitchens!

My late father was a typical Irish husband of his time, he never set foot in the kitchen. His head might appear round the door to enquire “What time will the dinner be ready?”, but he never offered to help.

When I got married, it was rather a shock to find Jack at my elbow when I was preparing a meal. Did he not trust my cooking skills? Did he think that I would kill him off? No!

One day while preparing a chicken for roasting, he stood silent, intently watching my every move. I asked if he was worried that I might poison him, but he assured me that he was there to learn. In his time as a widower, he had a limited number of dishes in his repertoire, but never bought a chicken. It was thirty six years ago, long before chicken portions or goujons, and he did not know what needed to be removed or left in the chicken cavity before cooking.

As I put a prepared meal in the oven one day, Jack turned and said to me, “I think I now know how to do that recipe, so next time we are having that dish, I’ll make it!”

He did. With time his culinary skills increased and he often offered to make our meals!

He had one rule: If I prepared and cooked the meal, he cleared up after it! In fact on most days he had the preparation dishes washed and away before we sat to the table! He was my dishwasher – fast, portable, no need for electricity, and his whistling was tuneful!

Some of the best cooks I know ARE MEN.

Padmini from This and That, There and Here, asked the question: Can men cook daily meals? I know all the male members of the Loose Bloggers Consortium can cook, but have yet to enjoy a meal at their tables. Now there is an idea… A tour of all the LBCer’s kitchens…. While I dream about that, why not join me on my weekly jaunt to see what delicious tidbits they have on offer for us to share this week.


This morning I opened my laptop to add my daily post. I knew what I was about to present to you, but was distracted by an entry on Facebook by my friend Padmini Natarajan, otherwise known as Padmum, a member of our Friday LBC – Loose Blogging Consurtium.

Padmini hails from Chennai, formerly known as Madras, in Southern India. She is a published author of cookery books and a regular writer in magazines and papers in her part of the world, covering a broad selection of topics, mainly to do with her Hindu way of living.

This morning she presented us with this video, the first in a series:

It shows us the importance of milk in a Hindu household, both for ritual and cooking purposes.

As a child growing up in Dublin, we woke to find the regular order of six pints of milk sitting on our doorstep. It was used for drinking and cooking purposes. I had an allergy to all things dairy, so did not drink or eat anything made with milk or butter. It never stopped my using them in the kitchen when helping my mother with the cooking and baking.

Enjoy the video it is short, about eight minutes.