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This morning I opened my laptop to add my daily post. I knew what I was about to present to you, but was distracted by an entry on Facebook by my friend Padmini Natarajan, otherwise known as Padmum, a member of our Friday LBC – Loose Blogging Consurtium.

Padmini hails from Chennai, formerly known as Madras, in Southern India. She is a published author of cookery books and a regular writer in magazines and papers in her part of the world, covering a broad selection of topics, mainly to do with her Hindu way of living.

This morning she presented us with this video, the first in a series:

It shows us the importance of milk in a Hindu household, both for ritual and cooking purposes.

As a child growing up in Dublin, we woke to find the regular order of six pints of milk sitting on our doorstep. It was used for drinking and cooking purposes. I had an allergy to all things dairy, so did not drink or eat anything made with milk or butter. It never stopped my using them in the kitchen when helping my mother with the cooking and baking.

Enjoy the video it is short, about eight minutes.