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Food Monday ~ Breakfast Surprise

Breakfast Surprise

I am not a great lover of Christmas, but one of the memories that will remain in my heart was the breakfast cooked by my son-in-law for all of us on Boxing St Stephen’s Day (well… I was in the south of Ireland remember!).

A bitterly cold morning was soon forgotten as we tucked into his very own, made from the ground up Yee- Haw Yankee Breakfast Pancakes.  With yummy Blueberries.

I recognise that plate and I want more pancakes!

The only sounds were “Pass the Maple Syrup please” and “Any more ready yet, Uncle George?”  From seven to Seventy there were happy faces all around the table.

So today I am feeling lazy and instead of typing out the recipe I suggest you click on the link and join in George’s new adventure at Not Junk Food .  There will be plenty more to come.  I know.  I have been a guinea pig in the past few months. 🙄

Huh!  They were blaming me because they lost weight. Seriously though, they have both lost weight, look and feel better and are eating far more healthily.

Food Monday ~ Budget Meals for Students

I came across these low cost recipe suggestions that I sent to Elly when she was away at University.  I know several folk at college who might find them handy to ring the changes.  If there is an ingredient you do not like then change for something you do like.  Students seldom bother with kitchen scales so I have not given amounts.  Experiment.  That is how all the best dishes started.

Pulse Dishes

Tuna & Bean Salad: drain a can of cannelloni beans and toss with flaked tuna, sliced onions, French dressing and parsley.

Black-Eye Bean Lasagna: Mix two cans of drained black-eye beans, a jar of tomato pasta sauce, then layer with sheets of no-cook lasagna. Top with cheese sauce and grated cheese. Bake until golden.

Potato Dishes

Baked Potatoes: Bake the potatoes in oven or microwave. Cut along the cooked potato and fill with Grated cheese, baked beans or tuna fish sweet corn & mayonnaise.

Tuna Fish cakes: Mix mashed potatoes with canned tuna fish, beaten egg and seasoning to taste. Press into cake sized patties and shallow fry until golden.

Potato Cheesies: substitute grated cheese and a little pickle for the tuna, and prepare as above.

Rice Dishes

Mushroom Risotto: Sauté sliced mushrooms and onion in butter, add risotto rice, then chicken stock in stages. When the rice is tender and the liquid absorbed, stir in grated cheese.

Pilau: Fry one onion and add pre-cooked rice, with left over cooked meat, vegetables and curry paste; heat stirring through.

Kedgeree: Boil Rice with curry powder and stock, drain. Stir in cooked flaked smoked cod and chopped hard-boiled eggs. Keep stirring until hot.

Chinese fried Rice: sauté sliced carrot, mushrooms, bean sprouts & peppers. Add five spice powder, soy sauce and drained cooked rice and stir-fry.