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What were you doing on Friday?

I went for a drive, in a freshly washed, hoovered and dusted car.

We are old friends now, the car and I. Sixteen years we have spent together, tootling over hill and dale.

I spoke gently to her on the way.

Be a good girl and do all the things the nice man asks you to do.

She did and here is the evidence:

My car sitting aloft

My car sitting aloft

Twenty five minutes later we back on the road smiling like two Cheshire cats! Adventure here we come!!

One Happy Bunny!

The rain stayed away, allowing the sun to shine.
I drove my car to the vehicle inspection Centre.

She behaved so well, I took the winding road home via Carrickfergus.


Back on the road.

Back on the road.

That is my white car next to Carrickfergus castle. The usual car park was full, so I had difficulty finding a place to park with the castle in the background.

Now with a much lighter pocket, I am ready to run the roads!