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That was one heck of a long day!

It is over a month since I metaphorically put pen to paper.

On the 7th January I was preparing to renew my driving licence. The form had arrived and it had like me, certainly changed in the last ten years. I had more questions to answer. I answered all the questions honestly and decided to drive to Coleraine on the north Coast, through a dull grey day to hand in my application form and the requisite payment for the next few years.

A very helpful young man spent some time going over the form and went away to check with the medical department if I needed a form to be filled in by my doctor. I did. I came away home with my money (fee) and the medical form. That was the 18th January.

I delivered this form for medical information, a payment claim form for the GP, a copy of the health questions I had ticked and a covering letter addressed to the Doctor, to his secretary on the morning of 19th January.

Two and a half weeks and many reminder phone calls later… the completed form was returned to me yesterday at 5 p.m – a day before my licence was due to expire. I posted it off this morning and followed up with a phone call to the NI licensing office.

They have extended my existing licence for a couple of weeks until they have vetted and checked the letter I put in the post today. Fingers crossed there will be no more hiccups.

Work for today

Have a photograph (passport size, in colour) for the renewal of my driving licence.

Gather the items I need for identification purposes,

Fill the now two page form…

I never remember having to answer all those questions on health in past years, but it is important and necessary to keep us all safe on the road.

No more ten year licences for me… I may well have to do it all again when I reach seventy years of age.