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Bits, bobs and spiders.

Inhalers for asthma are in the news lately. While in the Pharmacy on Friday, I overheard the Pharmacist asking a lady to send her son in to collect his inhaler, normally she would collect it for him.

Each inhaler user was being checked to make sure they were using the device in the proper way. I suppose with time, bad habits can take over and the inhaled gas or powder does not act like it should.

If taken in a haphazard way it might:

  • Go down the wrong way, which can do damage.
  • The breathing is incorrect and the contents cannot take effect, wasting money over time.

If you use an inhaler, please go and have a refresher lesson on how to use it. It might save your life!


Spiders do not like conkers. I hear they hate them and will not go anywhere near them.

Elly are you listening?

Leave them in the bathrooms or near open windows and doors, but make sure they are well out of Buffy’s way!

Maybe I should hang a couple near the PIR in my garage, to stop spiders setting off my house alarm.


Delores at Life on a limb wrote about prank calls the other day.

It brought me back to a call my mother answered one day. We were busy in the kitchen cooking and baking for the hoards who were expected to descend on us later in the evening. Apart from the sounds of the kitchen, the rest of the house was as quiet as a grave.

Mammy was closer and her hands were dry so she went to quieten the ring, ring sound on the old heavy fixed phone on the hall table. She was back in double quick time laughing her head off.

“Who was that?” I asked.

Still laughing she told me: “Some young lad who asked if I smoked after intercourse”!

“What did you say?” I said, trying not to giggle.

“I told him I had not checked lately. And hung up!”

Is it any wonder I have a weird sense of humour!