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I would swap the modern Christmas celebrations for Thanksgiving Day at the drop of a hat. With each year that passes the simplicity of the former has been drowned in a loud opera of noise & commercialism. Unnecessary hours, days and weeks spent on the one-up-man-ship of proving how much people care by buying the biggest flashiest present, no matter whether they can really afford it, or if the gifted really wants or needs it.

Time is the cheapest most precious personal gift that anyone can receive. I mean real time… without the interruption of modern technology – a phones/games off zone!

So on this THANKSGIVING DAY, my message to all my American friends and family, far and near:

If you are travelling, may the roads rise with you,

no traffic and no troubles delay you.  

Hoping all of you will remain safe and well,

May your celebrations and gatherings be happy, serene and fun loving.

Your meals are delicious and your dessert sweeten the love in your hearts…


…With no need to loosen your belts!…