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Did you miss me?

a) I was cleaning my shoes.

cleaning my shoes

cleaning my shoes

b) Drinking coffee

flat coffee

flat coffee

I do not like like those flat thick cups, so popular today. I do realise that coffee should be made with water off the boil, but in a flat cup, the contents go cold very fast.

c) Thinking of my other Granny…..

The flat cups remind me of the ‘goes-under’ that Granny Kildysart brought with her when she came to stay. It went under the bed, in case….! At least the ‘goes-under’ was made of china and had cabbage roses on the side. Granny Kildysart was daddy’s mother and she was a very serious lady. Maybe having eleven children and living as a widow for thirty three years took the smile off her face.

d) Then I went shopping.

I didn’t get what I went for.

I cannot show you what I did buy. Why? Because I eat it! 😆

Now I am off to my scratcher. night night!