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Six days after Mid Summer’s Day

Last day of June_2015

Last day of June_2015

A great improvement from 10.10hrs this morning when I drove on a single carriageway through enveloping mist that hid the countryside. Thankfully I was familiar with the route. The idiot in the white van behind me was so impatient that on two occasions I used my hazard lights to make him pull back! On a single carriageway with cars in front of me, I have no idea where he expected me to go.

Our weather 30_06_15

Our weather 30_06_15

I am sitting in the shade with a jug  of water and some needlework to keep me quiet!

More than one view of the world


View from my windows this morning.

Front door at_083851

Front door at_083851

 From Back door at_083653

From Back door at_083653

By the time I locked the back door wet stuff began to fall from the skies. Rain at the front of the house and snow at the back!

Both passed quickly. Do you think the local Council have installed a new way to wash down the streets and forgot to tell us? 😉

Two hours before sunrise

I was in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil. It was 05:19 and was thirsty. The idea was to fill a thermos jug and bring it back to my scratcher with me in order to be well hydrated when the sun was due to awaken at 07:19 in my part of the world today.

A glance at my cooker top, drew a “Tut, tut!” from my lips, so I had a go at cleaning it. Job number one done for the day! So here I am feeling good and sitting sipping my boiled water.

Yesterday began with a gap in the gloom, so I headed out for some retail therapy. It was certainly not weather for me to go hill climbing, scrambling over rocks or on long walks. The air was damp and the frequent showers kept the it that way.

20150226_132215 What happened the Cavehill?

What happened the Cavehill?

That is not fog, it is rain.

Twenty minutes later it had improved…

20150226_133804 Cavehill appears

Cavehill appears

20150226_133902 More rain

More rain

Yes a minute later the rain was on again.

Right now the outdoor temperature is 1°C with Humidity of 94% and the high for today should be 5°C. That dampness goes for old bones, makes them stiff and noisy.

Hell, I am alive. I can move about and I have a roof over my head, food in my fridge and heat indoors. I am blessed indeed!



View from my window

View from my window

This was the view from my bedroom window yesterday morning, Can anyone spot the sky?

I was tempted…. really tempted, to slide back down under the duvet for the duration, but thankfully hunger got the better of me. The house was cosy and warm, so I had a quick shower, donned the layers and headed for the kitchen.

Our snow was more a nuisance than anything else.  Pretty for an hour but that was all. It made several attempts throughout Wednesday to fall, but the ground was wet and the snow had nothing to stick to. Once the sun disappeared the ground froze so overnight snow had a base to stick to. Trying to drive downhill with the road camber not helping, add the ice and I can tell you it is no G&T!

I had no need to go outside the door

A day of indoor sports was called for, and I had a choice: a bundle of sewing repairs and alterations, some crochet, baking and a jigsaw.

Sewing repairs are complete and the ironing is now up to date. The scones are eaten or in the freezer and I lit the fire early and pulled up the table with the jigsaw. The crochet is in progress and should keep me busy for a week or so.

Warm persuits

Warm persuits

With the jigsaw I travelled the world. It was fun.


Our local weather department are warning us of a cold snap over the next few days:

Could be pretty Major storm on the way for Monday which could last well into Christmas eve. Warnings will be issued tomorrow, advice is to stay tuned to forecasts and warnings especially if you have travel plans. This looks to be quite an exceptional storm, which is likely hit not just us here in NI but the whole of the UK. It is currently affecting parts of Canada causing disruption to travel and power supplies. It will quickly move across the Atlantic to affect us over the Christmas period. Keep an eye out for warnings folks.

The snow has already started in Ballyboughal, just north of Dublin, and many other places north of that. Time to light the fire and bunker down for the duration.

I hope it does not end up as cold as in the header, a photo through one of my windows a couple of years ago.



Blog visiting has been light while I am enjoying my holiday.

The torrential rain and electric storms since Wednesday, have as they say in cricket & tennis terms, stopped play. Access to the internet and landline phones at my sister’s house has been interrupted. Thankfully the flooding further down the avenue, has not reached us.

We drove through light floods on our journey home across the city yesterday afternoon, and when we reached the driveway of my sister’s house, the rain pounded while nature’s fireworks entertained us as we sat trapped in the car for at least fifteen minutes!

Simultaneously we both asked: “Are we safe to be let out on a day like this?”  My sister has a metal plate, pins and screws in her foot following a bad ankle injury some years ago, and I have a metal hip.

In the car we were sitting on rubber tyres and not touching the ground, so considered we were quite safe.

A couple of years earlier a young child was playing in a park not many miles as the crow flies from that spot when lightening struck and killed him. Metal pins and screws in his arm were said to be the reason the lightening hit him.

My LBC post is ready – in my head – but will be late appearing on line. I feel bad since the choice of topic was down to me.

Laters folks!

Now I wonder if this will go live on one bar of internet access……