The End is never the End

This is my first effort at writing a story. Part one sat in my computer for over twelve months, before I had the courage to post it on my blog. If the reaction was favourable, I would try to extend it. My next decision was to produce a chapter every two weeks, that way allowing for thinking, writing, distraction and the general busyness of life.

For my American readers, we refer to the ground floor, usually the main living area of a house and the First Floor is one flight up, mostly consisting of bedrooms and bathrooms. If there is a another floor, we call it the attics. Older houses often have a floor below ground level that we call cellars. The story so far consists of:

Part 1 Part 6 Part 11 Part 16
Part 2 Part 7 Part 12

Part 17

Part 3 Part 8 Part 13

Part 18

Part 4 Part 9 Part 14

Part 19

Part 5 Part 10 Part 15

Part 20

The story is now complete. Thank you to those who followed and stayed with it all the way.